A review of marketing tools to safe your time and budget.

Forms + User Experience = Typeform

Forms + User Experience = Typeform

Many times I have left surveys, purchases or registration forms because of terrible experiences filling my details.

This is a terrible waste. A convinced customer decided to buy your product lost because of a bad experience at the very end. Luckily, user experience has arrived in forms.

My favorite option? Typeform. Typeform transforms the administrative task of filling a form into a delightful experience.

One great example is this payment form using Typeform and Stripe, another enjoyable tool for payments.

These forms feel natural, and make you feel that the company cares about provide you the best experience.

My advice is to try the payment form and later compare it with your latest experiences buying on the internet.

Would you buy it again if there were a competitor that provides you this level of experience?

Link: Typeform

Another interesting article: The Future of Web Forms

Hubspot CMS: Tracking emails and attachments

Hubspot CMS: Tracking emails and attachments

Recently I was working on the implementation of Hubspot Customer Management System, for a startup where I am involved.

Hubspot provides an impressive free CMS system, but you get more from it, with another HubSpot tool, HubSpot Sales.

Today I´ll focus on one of the sales tool perks; the possibility to track emails and documents. This function allows you to see: When an email or an attachment is opened, the device where it was opened, and the area where the person was connected.

This characteristic may seem as scary as useless, but actually is quite extended in other services such as MailChimp, and it can give you a hint in some situations.

In an international world, people are not as available as we may desire. People that we want to reach, can be traveling to the other corner of the world, so if you can see it, you can adapt your interaction.

Another typical situation could be when someone opens a long mail on the phone, just a minute after you send the message. Almost a warranty that the mail was left for another time, and probably forgotten.

The situations are plenty, and the tool can help you to keep the right track with the key stakeholder. Now you know it. If the email is important, track it.

Where to find great images?

It doesn’t matter if you are preparing a presentation, the cover of a book or a photo for your last blog entry. In many occasions, we need powerful images for our products, and they are not so easy to get.

To solve this problem I´ll list a selection of websites that collect great free photos that will help excel in your work. In addition, they are royalty-free, so you will be able to use them for commercial purposes:

  1. Pexels
  2. Streetwill
  3. Stocksnap
  4. IM Free
  5. Splitshire

Finally, remember that the photo is usually just half of the equation. You need to adapt it and unless you master photoshop, you probably will want to take a look at this other great tool.

Canva, the easiest graphic design software ever made!

Easy photo editor

Canva is the easiest graphic design software ever made. It doesn’t require any previous knowledge for you to use it and it´s free. Sounds good? Well, it also provides amazing templates for whatever need. Social media, flyers or book covers. Everything you may need ready for you to give it the final touch.

In addition, it also provides plenty of free images for you to use. However, if you need more you can always upload your own photos, and I already told you the best place to get them.

Do you want to know more? Then check this video, or simply sign up to start creating great designs for your content.