Advises to take your new WordPress page to a new level

Advises to take your new WordPress page to a new level

¨If only I knew this before!¨ That’s what I thought several times while I was building a website. Others will tell you the basics, I’ll focus on the best tips.

1. If you need to buy a domain use domcomp to get the best price. In addition, is also the best website to search the domain availability.

2. Hosting:

  • If website building scares you, then hire the team who builds WordPress. They have a happiness department (help) ready for you. (That said, you may be in the wrong part of my website)
  • If you are feeling lost with the alternatives, then accept the hosting advice of the WordPress community. You’ll find better offers than in any google search.

3. Themes: They change the appearance from a simple blog to an awesome business website.

4. Advanced: adapting the theme to your preferences without coding is possible.

5. Once it looks good is not over. You have to make it fast and friendly for google. The basic tools:

6. Finally, remember that the only essential part of a great website is the content. Please, take a look at my marketing section to get inspired.