The one dollar website

The one dollar website


The one dollar project born as a practical example of an article of this website. The idea explores the limits of the costs reduction in technology. It based on the fact that the kind of websites proposed require less storage space than a photo taken by an iPhone. So, if you can share easily a picture since your phone, you can store for free this kind of simple websites. In addition, you also need a domain, a name on internet, in order have a serious website. However, thanks to competence, you can get them for a price as low as one dollar.

Of course is just an idea and definitely is more practical to pay an extra price for an upper service. Like for example, a WordPress site with an elegant theme. However, the tendency is clear, Scaleway for example, allows you to have an independent server for 3 euros per month, and Amazon Web Services prices are getting more and more attractive with time.

We already know what this means for individuals. If you can see opportunities, the barriers are getting lower. But for organizations is just another reminder of the fact which push this drop on prices. The hybrid cloud is here to stay. Other companies can store better and cheaper your data. Therefore, to be competitive, all the not critical servers, will be moved to external clouds.

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February 1, 2016