My first App without programming

My first App without programming


I always thought that create an app should not be harder than making a website. Fortunately, time and technology improvements prove me right. At the beginning of 2014 I realize that by mixing some new technologies, I could make one mobile app. In 2014 I didn’t know how to program and there weren’t the simple app templates available on Codecanyon as today. Therefore, limited by technology, I decided to make something simple to help my hometown: ¨Barco a Vigo¨, an app that informs about the ferry schedule between Vigo, the biggest city of Galicia, and the two most important towns in the area.

Other secondary but necessary tasks where:

In conclusion, an interesting project that allowed me to learn about many different technologies. In addition, I could prove that things, in theory unachievable, like create apps if you don’t know programming, can be done if you are a fast learner and can find and manage key information.




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February 1, 2016